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Tempest Ready To Fly Trainer
The Tempest 600 EP Trainer is a great airplane for someone who either wants to get started in RC flight or an enthusiast who's looking for a relaxing, fun airplane to fly. It comes complete as a RTF, so everything...
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Ascent Single Pusher X RTF
Key Features Includes everything needed to fly so there's nothing extra to buy or provide Easy to launch by hand, fly and land even if you've never flown before Pusher configuration keeps the motor and propeller out of harm's way...
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Vintage Stick Micro RTF Airplane
The Micro Vintage Stick takes a step backward in time to a nostalgic look that evokes memories of yesteryear, but with modern carbon fiber materials and updated radio technologies, like 2.4GHz. This classic-appearing aircraft is not only a great way...
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Super Cub MX RTF
The Super Cub MX is not only a great way to build RC piloting skills, but also a fun airplane for experienced RC enthusiasts to fly in compact areas. It's manufactured from durable, repairable EPP foam with carbon-fiber wing struts...
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Timber Ready To Fly
Available EarlySept - Pre Order yours nowAbout the only thing that can top an airplane you can fly just about anywhere is an airplane small enough to fly everywhere else. With the Timber airplane, small spaces, indoors and out, is...
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Moa Glider 1500MM RTF
The New Moa Powered Glider with a wingspan of 1500mm is a mid-sized glider that is ideal for both beginning and advanced fliers. This plane comes with all four installed 9 gram servos, and a 20 Amp ESC, and a...
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Carbon Cub S+ 1.3m RTF
More Due back in stock early July ! Reserves yours now !Needed to Complete Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box. What's in the box? (1) HobbyZone® Carbon Cub S+ 1.3m RTF (1) Spektrum DXe 2.4GHz Transmitter (1)...
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Mini Apprentice S RTF 1-10 Scale
Key Features SAFE technology with Panic Recovery mode Beginner, intermediate and experienced flight modes Completely ready to fly with everything you need in one box Powerful brushless motor 4-channel controls Durable Z-foam construction 3S 1300mAh Li-Po Battery Tricycle landing gear...
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Cessna 182 500 Class V3 RFT
Key Features Includes LED lights, flaps, carbon wing tub, and higher power motor Scale details including smoked glass canopy, ribbed control surfaces, steerable nose gear, reinforced wing struts, pilot, detailed dash and chrome spinner 5 bright LED navigation lights: wing...
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Douglas C-47 Skytrain EP RTF
Just before D-Day, America put thousands of paratroopers onto planes and rained them all over the French countryside behind enemy lines. To do it, the Army picked the C-47, a version of the DC-3 with all of the frills and...
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Aero Commander Ready to Fly
Few lightweight, twin-engine civil aircraft compare to the efficiency, comfort and performance offered by the Aero Commander. More importantly, the design series consistently produced an airplane pilots love to fly. No better proof of that fact was the precision aerobatics...
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Delta Ray One JET RTF with SAFE Technology
Key Features 100% complete and Ready-to-Fly right out of the box- nothing extra to buy or assemble! Exclusive SAFE® technology from Horizon Hobby makes it easy to learn to fly Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced flight modes at the flip of...
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Maule M-7 1.5m RTF with DXE radio
The E-flite® Maule M-7 1.5m comes with a DXE radio and 11.1v 2200m Ah 3S30C Lipo battery as well as an auto Peak Lipo charger. While America geared up to go higher and faster, B.D. Maule was hard at work...
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Valiant 1.3m RTF
Key Features Based on the popular Hangar 9® Valiant 30cc ARF Optional SAFE® Select flight mode for newer pilots Wide flight envelope with sporty performance Functional flaps installed Powerful 480-size brushless motor and 30A ESC installed Spektrum AS3X® receiver with...
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Diamond Hand-Launched Glider 600
Specification: Wingspan:600mm/23.6in Length:490mm/19.3in Weight:50g/1.76 oz
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Champ RTF RC Trainer
Ready-to-Fly Radio-Controlled AircraftTeach yourself to fly RC airplanes in style with this exciting recreation of the beloved Aeronca tail wheel airplane classic. The Champ is small in size and lightweight; made from durable foam construction so you can fly with...
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Sport Cub S Electric RC Airplane
Sport Cub SFly, swoop and ascend at your own pace with the convenient Sport Cub S. This small replica packs an array of impressive features into a convenient ready-to-fly package so you can teach yourself to fly nearly anywhere. With...
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Wing Dragon 400 RTF w- Ailerons
The Wing Dragon 400 Basic is a True proportional 4 channel ready to fly rc trainer aircraft. The WD400 Basic will teach the Novice how to fly a real 4 channel plane with virtually no building or tools required. Enjoy...
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Apprentice S 15e RC Electric Airplane with Safe RTF
Everything needed to fly included in ONE box !!Overview The E-flite® Apprentice® S 15e RTF airplane is the most intelligent RC airplane ever offered by Parkflyers RC. At its heart is groundbreaking SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology that makes...
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